Scarlett Johansson - Actress Ratings

Scarlett Johansson
Votes (SUM)7,139,684
Rating (AVG)6.7

Related Actresses

Natalie PortmanNatalie PortmanVotes (SUM): 7,114,041
Rating (AVG): 6.6
Julianne MooreJulianne MooreVotes (SUM): 5,011,568
Rating (AVG): 6.5
Amy AdamsAmy AdamsVotes (SUM): 4,481,370
Rating (AVG): 6.9
Laura LinneyLaura LinneyVotes (SUM): 2,529,984
Rating (AVG): 6.8
Rooney MaraRooney MaraVotes (SUM): 2,143,364
Rating (AVG): 6.7
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