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Casimir Effect ratings (Movie, 2011)

Casimir Effect
Rank156,261 / 190,544
Total votes13
Average rating7.2 / 10

Dr. Alice Sharpe has a choice to make, stay with her true love and risk the collapse of the space time continuum, or take more drastic measures to ensure all of creation isn't erased. In the great city of Iolanthus in the year 2101 Dr Alice Sharpe is the first person to travel through time, but a mistake in the calculations leads to a paradox that could destroy time itself. Alice is thrown 100 years forward to nightmare future, the only clues to her predicament are a letter from herself she doesn't remember writing and another from her grandfather. Alice learns that with the help of Iolanthe the city's AI, she must travel back in time to change the course of the past. Alice arrives in the year 2050 in a remote secret base; the location of the first ever tests into casimir energy and wormholes and her true love Dr. Robert 'Bob' Cameron. Unfortunately for Alice they are not destined to meet until 2090, so she must lay low and buy her time until she can find a way to fix things. The only...

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