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In the Sands of Babylon ratings (Movie, 2013)

In the Sands of Babylon
Rank98,447 / 182,844
GenresDrama, War, History
Total votes136
Average rating4.6 / 10

An unforgettable story, forgotten... 1991 Gulf War: Ibrahim, an Iraqi soldier, has escaped from Kuwait as the Iraqi Army retreats. Facing the perilous journey home, he must cross the southern desert; a chaotic no-man's land between Saddam's Regime and American Cross Fire. Whilst unrest spreads across the country, he is captured by the Republican Guard and cast into Saddam's infamous prisons, suspected of being a traitor. 2013: In search of answers about the past and Ibrahim's journey, the Director of the film encounters three people: A photographer with a painful secret, a farmer who hides his scars to forget and an ex-prisoner who's humanity was savagely taken from him. By unraveling the courageous and tragic secrets of these people, the Director seeks to reveal the truth behind Ibrahim's story. Through the past and the present, fiction and realty, he revisits a fateful climax in the battlefields of Babylon. As Ibrahim's fate seems written, the Iraqi people are uprising beyond the ...

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