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Sürgün Inek ratings (Movie, 2014)

Sürgün Inek
Rank40,134 / 182,644
Total votes834
Average rating5.2 / 10

The year 1997... In the days when people are exiled for their thoughts, now the tables have turned and the freedom of a cow living in the village of Gomalak is in danger. Sevket and Cemile is a decent couple, who love one another, and their cow Sarikiz, very much. The life of this couple turns into a turmoil after their cow destroys the bust of Ataturk. They witness the accident growing into a disaster, growing across the borders of their village. Everybody starts chasing after this cow; from the village head to the bureaucrats, from the soldiers to the elderly men. The issue grows bigger and bigger and everybody, with the smallest possible link, find themselves in a tragicomic situation. The whole thing turns into a comedy show. How will our heroes survive this situation? Will the imprisoned Sarikiz be able to return to her good old days? "The Exiled Cow". inspired from a true story, tells the tale of Sarikiz, with its spectacular cast and now meets the audience as the comedy of the ...

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