Kane & Abel - TV show Ratings

Kane & Abel
Year1985 - 1985
Runtime (Min.)240
Votes (SUM)27
Rating (AVG)7.9
Willam Kane and Abel Rosnovski are two men whose paths were destined to meet and would change their lives forever. Kane is the son of a prominent Boston banker, Abel is the multilingual son of a Polish baron, who grew up a peasant but was taken in by the Baron not knowing that he's his father. Kane's father dies when he is very young, his mother marry Henry Osborne, while still not really over husband's death. William feels that something's not right about him, and he's right; Osborne in addition to sleeping with other women is taking money that is rightfully his mother's and William's. After his mother dies, William tells Orborne not come near him again or else. Abel would be caught by the Russians and sent to labor camp, he would escape, go to Turkey and then go to America. There he becomes the protégé of a hotel magnate. When the Great Depression of 1929 occurs, his boss is wiped out and the bank that he borrowed money from is foreclosing on his hotel, his boss kills himself. And the bank is Kane's bank. When Abel goes to see him, he tells him that there's nothing he can do, even though he opposed the foreclosure. Abel then swears that he will make Kane and his bank pay for what happened. Abel would get an ally from Osborne, who tells him, his account of what happened between him and William. And when William hears that Abel has aligned himself with Osborne, he vows to get them. But Abel soon after received a loan that enables him to save the hotel and expand it. The lender would provide the money, but would not be able to reveal to Abel until the death of the lender. As years go by, both Kane and Abel are successful but bitter enemies, but their children meet and get married. Both are opposed to the marriage......



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