Kessler - TV show Ratings

Year1981 - 1981
GenresDrama, Thriller
Runtime (Min.)50
Votes (SUM)37
Rating (AVG)7.1
In the years after World War II, the tables have turned: ambitious, cruel Gestapo-officer Ludwig Kessler, the most implacable hunter of every opponent to the Third Reich, can no longer deny its rule is militarily annihilated by the Allies. He must now flee himself as he is a war criminal accused of the torture and execution of numerous victims. He manages to get away with a fortune and starts a new life as a businessman, still hoping for another rise of the master race to power, in which his part should be even more prominent, from a (neo-)fascist colony in Paraguay. Meanwhile, Albert Foiret and some of his former Lifeline colleagues play a part in the hunt for the former master-hunter.



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