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La piovra
Year1984 - 1984
GenresCrime, Drama, Romance
Runtime (Min.)402
Votes (SUM)258
Rating (AVG)8.3
Episode 1 - Police commissioner lives a family nightmare: he is too straight to accept the one-time infidelity of his wife, thirteen years ago, may be because he is unsure of the paternity of the twelve-year-old daughter he loves. Police commissioner finds diversion in a new job recently opened in a small Sicilian village, when local commissioner is found dead in his car, shot by the Mafia. Episode 2 - Police commissioner searches for the truth and finds love in the eyes full of sorrow of a 22-y-o countess who, by sheer coincidence, lost her mother by suicide the night the commissioner was murdered - open and shut case, says local police. Police commissioner is too suspicious of everybody to find his way up the social ladder, though he benefits from the counsel and protection of his former Law Professor. Episode 3 - Police commissioner does not find a way out of his criminal puzzles, and his wife leaves for their house in the North; their daughter is broken-hearted. Episode 4 - Police commissioner sets the trap to catch a few large mice, and his daughter is kidnapped. Episode 5 - Police commissioner starts lying to everybody: his wife, about their daughter's whereabouts, and the handful of good cops who trust him about how to go on with the investigation. First his mistakes, then his implied admission that he shot two men and planted evidence of a murder in one of them, sets a murderer free. Episode 6 - Police commissioner sets a few scores right, but he his resigning his post, his family is more in a shambles than ever, the Sicilian Group "I Culturati" is more powerful than ever, and he is visiting the tomb of his lost countess. The open and shut case is not closed, and the police commissioner is too tired to go on.



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