Star Cops - TV show Ratings

Star Cops
Year1987 -
GenresCrime, Drama, Mystery
Runtime (Min.)55
Votes (SUM)90
Rating (AVG)8.2
Set in the year 2027 this follows the exploits of the fledgling International Space Police Force, nicknamed the "Star Cops". Under the reluctant command of British career cop Nathan Spring and based in a Lunar settlement, Spring gradually forms a capable if flawed team comprising of US engineer David Theroux, tough talking Australian Pal Kenzy, bulky Brit detective Colin Devis, and slender Japanese scientist Anna Shoun. Helped - and hindered - by Russian Alexander Krivenko, the base co-ordinator, Nathan & crew tackle murder, terrorism, drug running and sabotage in their battle to make the "High Frontier" a crime-free zone.



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