Too Close for Comfort - TV show Ratings

Too Close for Comfort
Year1980 - 1987
Runtime (Min.)30
Votes (SUM)770
Rating (AVG)7.3
"Too Close For Comfort" tells the story of the Rush family. Veteran Cartoonist Henry Rush and his wife Muriel, a freelance photographer/housewife, owns a two-story duplex apartment house on 171 Buena Vista Avenue East in the Haight-Asbury section of San Francisco. They are also the parents of two daughters, 21 year-old brunette Jackie, a bank teller/fashion designer and 19 year-old blond bombshell Sara, a college student who takes whatever jobs she can get. The Rushes live in the two-bedroom second story. Henry, who works out of the couple's bedroom, is overprotective, strict, and conservative to his wife and daughters about responsibility. When Rafkin, a transvestite who lived in the first story apartment dies suddenly, Henry reluctantly decides to rent it to Jackie and Sara. Monroe Ficus, Sara's college friend and Henry's "worst nightmare" (an accident-prone geek and pariah to the family) regularly visits the house every day. The pressures and stress-related tensions from Monroe has begun to close in on Henry, interrupting his career and wrecking his life (and the house). One thing Henry and Muriel will learn that two daughters ,in need of independence, living downstairs and a misfit who destroy everything can be way too close for comfort.



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