Wetten, dass..? - TV show Ratings

Wetten, dass..?
Year1981 -
GenresComedy, Game-show, Music
Runtime (Min.)165
Votes (SUM)2,579
Rating (AVG)6.8
In almost each show there is one child bet, whose candidate is the age of 6-15. But they cannot be voted by the audience, because everyone thinks "Oh my God, he/she/they is/are so cute", and so the grown-up candidates haven't any chance to be voted for the bet champion ("Wettkönig"). Instead they win a special prize in case of their won bet - it can be a meeting with a famous star or an entrance in a fair. 1996-2000 the station broadcasted in every year at Christmas a special show, in there are only child bets (season 2).



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