Yancy Derringer - TV show Ratings

Yancy Derringer
Year1958 - 1959
GenresAction, Adventure, Western
Runtime (Min.)30
Votes (SUM)666
Rating (AVG)7.6
It should be noted that Yancy's last name is "Derringer" whereas the famous small pistol was named for its inventor, Henry Deringer Jr. Yancy points out the difference in spelling and states there is no relationship between the family named Derringer and the family named Deringer in at least two different episodes. Sharp eyed viewers may notice that Jock Mahoney favored moccasins or other footwear without heels. In some shows he can be seen to be wearing boxer's shoes that lace up from the toes to the high top. With Mahoney being exceptionally tall he didn't need boots with very tall heels like short actors like Robert Conrad did in his western series, "Wild Wild West".



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